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A new window offering you to save the setup file should appear within 3 seconds.

If it doesn't, click on the following link:

Short setup instructions:
- Choose where to save the setup file;
- wait for the setup file to be fully downloaded;
- launch the setup program by double-clicking the icon of the setup file;
- follow the instructions in the setup window that should have appeared after double-clicking the setup file;

After completing the setup procedure, a new icon named "WebTrance30" should appear on your desktop. You may start the program by double-clicking that icon.

When minimized, the program "shrinks" to an icon in the system tray (the area in the lower right part of the screen next to the clock)

For further instructions on working with the program, start it and choose "Help / Contents" from the menu.

Click here if you want to use the product without the restrictions of the free mode.

In case you encounter difficulties, write to

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