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Opera browser extension module

In order to set up the extension module, you must do the following:

1. Save the file translate.user.js to directory c:\program files\Skycode\WebTrance30
2. Change the setting Tools>Preferences>Advanced>Content>Javascript options>User Javascript files to c:\program files\Skycode\WebTrance30
3. Append the following lines to the "c:\program files\opera\classes\opera.policy" file:

grant {
permission "localhost:4357", "listen,connect,resolve";

4. "Drag and drop" the "Translate" link to a toolbar of your preference.
5. If you use Opera under Linux, you must set it up to work with Java -- visit the following page:

Important: On 06 Jan 2009 a new version of translate.user.js was uploaded. This version has been tested and works under Opera 9.63. To be sure that you have the latest version, check whether the script starts with "WebTrance Opera Helper Script, dated 06-01-2009" - Internet translator for all european languages



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