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Frequently asked questions

1. After I have installed the program All the menus and texts read "?????????"!

In Windows there is a setting specifying what language (alphabet/code table) should be used for the program menus. On your computer this setting is different from Bulgarian, thus Windows cannot display the cyrillic symbols on the menus.
You must do the following:
- if you are using Windows 2000 or XP:
Open "Control Panel/Regional and Language Options". Where possible set "Bulgaria/Bulgarian".
- if you are using Windows 98:
You must install and uninstall demo FlexType 2K. You can download the package by CLICKING HERE

Note: If you are using Windows 2000 or XP, You DON'T HAVE TO install FlexType!

2. After I have installed the program, there is no "Translate" button in Internet Explorer!

The button should appear at the right of the "standard buttons" toolbar (Back, Forward, Stop, Refresh, ...). If it doesn't, right-click on the toolbar. A menu should appear. Choose "Customize" (for IE7: "Customize command bar->Add or Remove Commands"). A dialog box with two lists should appear. The left one is the list of non-visible buttons, and the right one is the list of the visible buttons. There are buttons "Add" and "Remove" which add and remove buttons from the list on the right. The button must be on the right list in order to be displayed.

3. I've bought the product. After updating to the last version, it doesn't get activated.

The copyright protection was triggered somehow. You must send the serial number of the purchased product to email address:

4. I've downloaded the installation file, but my antivirus software warns about "a trojan".

The extension that is used with Internet Explorer (i.e. the softare module that backs the "Translate button in Internet Explorer, WT2IE.DLL) uses the Browser Helper Object technology. Unfortulately, this technology is also used by a wide range of trojans and malware. Some antivirus systems take extra care by claiming any suspicious-looking module (i.e. using this technology) to be a trojan.
The resolution is to add the files to the antivirus system's trusted zone.

5. How can I add this translation service to my site?

To add our translation service to your site, you must insert the URL "" into an IFRAME-tag. Below is a sample code of such web page:

<IFRAME FRAMEBORDER=0 SCROLLING=NO valign=top width=600 height=500 src=""></IFRAME>

You can specify the background color by using the parameter "bgcol". For example, will display the translation page on a white background.

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You can also address your questions to: - Internet translator for all european languages



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