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Where and how can I buy WebTrance?

1-year license for Skycode WebTrance
1000 online translations in extended mode (up to 2000 characters each)

by SMS: Send an SMS containing "wtr" (without the quotation marks) to phone number 1928 and you will receive one-year license (serial number) for SkyCode WebTrance 3.0. The price is 2.40 BGN. The service is valid only for the Bulgarian mobile operators. Serial numbers received this way work with versions 2.5:12 and higher.

Unlimited license
Unlimited license for Skycode WebTrance
10 000 online translations in extended mode (up to 2000 characters each)

outside Bulgaria:
- you can purchase a license by donating 14.95 EUR -- click on the below icon:

After donating the money, contact us at
The price is 29 leva (14.95 EUR).

in Bulgaria:
- "Pingvinite" bookstore (Stamboliyski Str 10, phone (+359) 48 924 074)

- "Helicon" bookstore (Troykata sq. 4, phone (+359-56) 803137)
- "Pingvinite" bookstore (Alexandrovska Str 147)

- "Helicon" bookstore (Vassil Levski Str. 1, phone (+359-73) 26 213)

Veliko Tarnovo:
- "Helicon" bookstore (VTU " Cyril and Methodi", phone (+359-62) 2 00 70/305)

- "Pingvinite" bookstores (7 Praga Str; "27-th july" Str 13)

- "Pingvinite" bookstores (8 Iskra Str.)

- "Pingvinite" bookstores (1 Hristo Botev Str)

- "Helicon" bookstore (33 Demokratzia Str)

- "Pingvinite" bookstore (17 Dunavska Str)

- "Pingvinite" bookstore (73 Treti Mart Str)

- "Helikon" bookstore (13 Rayko Daskalov Str)

- "Pingvinite" bookstore (48 Alexandrovska Str)

- "Evropa" High-tech center (25 Drastar Str)

- our office (Lozenetz distr., 7A Sintchetz Str, phone (+359-2) 866 62 21, 865 38 92)
- "Music fashion" store (1 Slaveikov Sq.)
- "Pingvinite" bookstores (4 Vesletz Str; 28 Angel Kanchev Str)
- Club 35
- Most Computers (Vladimir Bashev Str, bl.240)
- Leader Technologies (20 Danail Nikolov Str, bl. 20, fl. 7)

Stara Zagora:
- "Helikon" bookstore (117 Tzar Simeon Veliki Str, phone (+359-42) 602 775)
- "Pingvinite" bookstores (90 Tzar Simeon Veliki Str.; 12 Saedinenie blvd.)

- on the Soft-Press bookstands
- in OfficeExpress stores
- in "TechnoMarket" and "Technopolis" hypermarkets

On the Internet

You can purchase a license by donating 14.95 EUR -- click on the below icon:

After donating the money, contact us at

Become a dealer!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

SkyCode Ltd issues on 03 Apr 2002 the machine translation system WebTrance, featuring automatic translation of texts, menus, help files and web pages from English to Bulgarian.

The end-user price conforms to the financial capabilities of the mass bulgarian user and is 29 leva (VAT included).

In this regard I have the pleasure to offer you our terms of distrubution:

- minimum amount of purchased copies to get a dealer price: 3 pcs
- On selling more copies you automatically get a better price, according to the table below.
- 100% payment in advance
- Invoices are issued on monthly basis, or for more than 10 pcs.
- By the end of the month you can return no more than 30% of the requested copies for a refund.

Copies sold Price, leva (VAT incl.)
3-49 23.2
50 22
100 21
150 20
200 17.5

P.S. The prices are subject to change without further notice - Internet translator for all european languages



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